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Electronic Signature on Real Estate

Companies in the real estate industry can already improve their business management moving to electronic signature

A very important part of the activity that takes place in real estate management requires the signing of different types of documents, such as:

  • Rental contracts
  • Contracts with owners
  • Accepting offers
  • Exclusion assignment
  • Arrest contracts

With the traditional management model, all these documents are signed by hand. This means that the parts or either the documents must be moved, so in any case, valuable time is spent unnecessarily.

Fortunately, the current electronic signature regulatory framework in the EU (Regulation No. 910/2014) already allows the use of the electronic signature for the signature of all these document models. Current technologies allow to do it remotely with all the guarantees.

PortaSigma is the most appropriate tool to manage the signature of documents in real estate management since it provides:

  • Simple usage
  • Control over documens
  • Unlimited document templates
  • At any time, export the documents while maintaining their legal validity

In addition PortaSigma provides simple automations and integration mechanisms designed to simplify operator tasks.


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