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Save time and money by automating payroll distribution

The distribution of payrolls among its employees is an obligation of any company. It is a tedious operation, which is repeated monthly. The mere fact of having to deliver safely and confidentially, and individually, the payroll to each employee, requires organizing a small dedicated logistics. The thing is complicated if we also have to recover a copy signed by each employee. We propose a system that allows automating this whole process, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the distribution and avoiding the need to print and archive paper documents.

How does it work?




Client automation software

- Track the content of the payroll to identify the employee

- Monitor PortaSigma in search of signed documents and download them in the signed folder



PDF document signature web application

- Send notifications by email to employees

- Apply the company stamp signature

- Present the payroll to the employee in a Front End Web, prior authentication for his signature