Discover why PortaSigma is the digital-signed documents management tool you need.

Sales force

Get the signature of your clients with a single call

Services based on Call Centers, such as sales force, are usually limited by the need to obtain signed acceptance from their customers.

The operators, who serve their customers by telephone, need to formalize the contract in a way that provides sufficient legal security so that the contracting is not questionable.

PortaSigma allows the operator to send a document signing request directly to the customer's mobile. The client can view the sent document and activate the signature from the mobile. The identity of the signatory is consigned to the document thanks to the one-time use code that is sent via SMS. Additionally, the signer can provide documents that provide additional evidence, such as a scanned image of the DNI, or any other supporting document.

Thanks to PortaSigma, call center operators can obtain signed documents in an agile and secure way, which allows increasing the percentage of success in the formalization of contracts and acceptance of budgets.