Discover why PortaSigma is the digital-signed documents management tool you need.

Sales force

Get the signature of your clients with a single call

Services based on Call Centers, such as sales force, are usually limited by the need to obtain signed acceptance from their customers.

The operators, who serve their customers by telephone, need to formalize the contract in a way that provides sufficient legal security so that the contracting is not questionable.

PortaSigma allows the operator to send a document signing request directly to the customer's mobile. The client can view the sent document and activate the signature from the mobile. The identity of the signatory is consigned to the document thanks to the one-time use code that is sent via SMS. Additionally, the signer can provide documents that provide additional evidence, such as a scanned image of the DNI, or any other supporting document.

Thanks to PortaSigma, call center operators can obtain signed documents in an agile and secure way, which allows increasing the percentage of success in the formalization of contracts and acceptance of budgets.

Save time and money by automating payroll distribution

The distribution of payrolls among its employees is an obligation of any company. It is a tedious operation, which is repeated monthly. The mere fact of having to deliver safely and confidentially, and individually, the payroll to each employee, requires organizing a small dedicated logistics. The thing is complicated if we also have to recover a copy signed by each employee. We propose a system that allows automating this whole process, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the distribution and avoiding the need to print and archive paper documents.

How does it work?




Client automation software

- Track the content of the payroll to identify the employee

- Monitor PortaSigma in search of signed documents and download them in the signed folder



PDF document signature web application

- Send notifications by email to employees

- Apply the company stamp signature

- Present the payroll to the employee in a Front End Web, prior authentication for his signature



Deploy a system for medical or veterinaty staff, easily sign their medical prescriptions, in a digital format

Thanks to digital mobile signature, they will able to create and sign medical presriptions, regardless of their location.

This way, the prescription will never delay the product delivery.

Authorization electronic signatures


Make sure you get your customer's authorizations, fast and without paper

Lawyers or any kind of representative professionals, need an especific authorization from their customers, to go on with their activity.

With PortaSigma and digital certificates, this process can be done completelly online, with the same legal value than with handwritten document.

Electronic signature for internal workflows

corporate workflows

Collect fast and easilly the signature of people involved in your business processes

All comanies have documents associated to their activity. These documents need the signature of all people involved. Sometimes processes delay just because of the fact that a handwritten signature must be included.

With PortaSigma you will be able to upload your process documents, so that all the involved agents can sign them online, with their digital certificates.

Digital signature for minute meetings

Get a fast agreement about your meetings, signing digitally the minutes online

With PortaSigma, it is as easy as uploading to your account the meeting minutes in a PDF format. All the involved and authorized parts, will be able to read the document and sign it with their digital certificates.

Electronic signature of Labor contracts

Collect and manage your employee's contracts in digital format

If your company is a Temporary Staffing Agency (TSA), or any other company with a high turnover of employees, you will need to manage a large number of paper contracts. This implies, displacement of people, sending documents by mail, and managing paper contracts.

If you find yourself in this situation, surely it is because you still don't know that it is already possible to sign labor contracts remotely, with full legal validity. Thanks to the signature technology based on SMS, any worker can sign the documents remotely. You only need to have a mobile phone in which to receive a one-time password (OTP).

Using any smartphone, the worker can view the contract, and confirm the signature using the SMS code.

By digitizing contract signing, these types of companies can drastically reduce management delay, improve contract file control, and require much less physical space for filing paper documents.

Commercial contracts online signature

commercial contracts online signature

Solve a contract signature between offshored parts, completelly online, adn in a minute

A contract requires at least two parts. The contract formalization must be done by the signature of the diferent parts in a document with the conditions.

The activity which the contract regulates, won't begin untill the contract is signed, so time is an important point to be takein into account.

The storage and location of the contract is usually another headache.

With PortaSigma and digital certificates, diferent parts will be able to sign a contract online, as legally as it was handwritten signed on a paper.

PortaSigma for electronic invoicing

Create a PortaSigma account to manage your invoice issuing

In order to send an invoice in a digital documents, some countries require to sign it digitally, to protect its integrity.

Upload, sign and distribute your signed invoices from PortaSigma. Keep all your invoices in your account, for an easy location.

Insurance contract digital signature

insurance digital signature

Get the insurance contract signed by your customer online, and keep it in your digital store

Currently, customers of insurance companies receive a post mail with all documents, and must return the documents signed back. Usually, documents aren't returned back signed to the company. To aviod this, the best is to offer the possibilty to sign the contracts online, which can easily be done with PortaSigma.

Ejemplos de uso de la firma electrónica mediante Portasigma

Solicitud de autorizaciones en gestorías

¿Necesitas la autorización de tus clientes para realizar una gestión? PortaSigma te permitirá recoger firmas completamente legales en formato electrónico, ahorrando tiempo y evitando que tengas que archivar las autorizaciones en papel

Autorización para actividades extraordinarias en colegios

Con PortaSigma puedes enviar las solicitudes de firma a los padres de tus alumnos para recoger y archivar facilmente las autorizaciones para actividades extraordinarias.

Autorizaciones en Banca y Seguros

Muchos de los procesos en Banca y Seguros requieren la obtención de autorizaciones expresas por parte de sus clientes. Para todos estos casos, PortaSigma resulta la herramienta ideal para agilizar este proceso y evitar el acumulo de papeles para archivar.

Contrato de puesta a disposición en ETT's

Las ETT's acumulan gran cantidad de contratos. El archivo digital de todos estos contratos representaría un beneficio muy relevante para ellas.

Actas de profesores

Puede ser también una herramienta útil para constatar el acuerdo de todos los profesores con un documento. Este mismo proceso puede servir para confirmar cualquier acta de reunión.

Contratos de alquiler

Las agencias inmobiliarias pueden beneficiarse también de PortaSigma, permitiendo firmar los contratos a distancia y archivarlos digitalmente.

Autorización a abogados

Muchos abogados necesitan la autorización de sus clientes o de otros abogados para proceder con sus gestiones. PortaSigma es la herramienta ideal para obtener estas autorizaciones.

Aceptación de presupuestos

PortaSigma se puede utilizar también para obtener la aceptación formal de los presupuestos que enviamos a nuestros clientes.