Pricing plans

Join PortaSigma, it will take you 1 minute and we will give you 5 signatures for you to test it with your customers and partners.

Start using a free account

Create a free account, and use the available signatures to test if PortaSigma is the application you are looking for. If it does, upgreade to the plan which better fits your requrements.

If you expect to use PortaSigma sporadically and do not want to commit to a subscription, you can recharge your account with new signatures when needed. Choose one of the following options:

Buy Signature packages

If you need a flexible model, because can't foresee when you'll need the signatures, your best option is to buy signature packages on demand. Contact us and we'll let you know the Pack prices for the diferent signature models.

Subscription plans

If you expect to sign many documents on a regular basis, subscribe to one of our plans and control the monthly consumption, without having to worry to add more signatures to your account.

In case your setup needs extras like OTP double authentication factor, the corresponding supplement will be added to the price. 


Since 50€/mo

  • 100 signatures/mo
  • 500 Mb
  • Timestamp


Since 150€/mo

  • 500 signatures/month
  • 5 Gb Secured Storage
  • Timestamp
  • API



  • Up to 1000 signatures/month
  • 5 Gb Secured Storage
  • Timestamp
  • API
  • Multiuser: unlimited users
  • Graphic customization