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Maria has created a few documents with her ERP. She needs that Alberto and Julian sign some of these documents. Let's see how PS-Dispatcher can help her with this issue.

Folders system

Maria has in her system a folder for Alberto and another for Julian. Frome her ERP, she copies each document in the corresponding folder. These folders have been previously configured with Alberto's and Julian's identifiers and mails. At this point, Maria will only have to copy the document in the addressee's folder.

Document processing

PS-Dispatcher monitors these folders and when finds new documents, these are managed automatically, in accordance with the programming of the folder.

Documents return

Maria's system has another folder called "Signed". Once Alberto and Julian have signed the documents, these are automatically downloaded and copied to the "Signed" folder. Maria will then store them in her system.


Each input folder can be programmed with complex processes: multiple signers, copy recipients,... any of PortaSigma's available options. To program each folder, it is just needed to copy a description file in the folder. Le'ts check an example:


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