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About the widget

It is a component which can be embedded as an iframe at any site. Users can see tere their locally installed digital certificates, and select one of them for the application.

The component includes an applet that locates the digital certificates in the local system (software, smartcard or token), shows them to the user, and processes the chosen application (authentication or signature).

Setup for authentication

Widget can be used as a digital certificate based login tool. Once the digital certificate is chosen, the application will decide whether to allow the login or not.

Setup for signature

Linking the widget to some data, an URL, or a document, the widget can be used as an input for the document's signature.

Signature's collection

This is a very popular use of the widget. When configured for signature as explained above, it can be connected to our signature's Vault. All the signatures will be stored detached in our Vault. Each of this signature is legally binding, and can be collected online.