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Visible Signature

A document at the time of digital signature, depending on the configuration of the account, may or may not contain a visible signature.

No Visible Signature

Normally, the most usual thing is that the signature request does not appear because it is established as such by default.

Visible signature with user image and with data of the signer/s

Another common option is that the visible signature of the user is not the predefined one and requires an image in which the data could be attached. That image can be a logo, a stamp simulation or what the company's claimant wants.

This signature will be associated with the default stamp that PortaSigma creates if we have activated the visible signature option.


Once activated, it will select the image configured in the following section of My Account:imgfirmavisible


As long as in the final process the document has the desired personalization:firmadooo


Visible signature Handwritten with data of the signer/s

In the documents for your signature, you may require a manual signature that will follow the same logical process, with the difference that the image will be created instantly:manuscrita

To have a final like this:firmadomanuscrito