Discover why PortaSigma is the digital-signed documents management tool you need.

Public access code

One of the PortaSigma features is to assign a code to access to the document. There, the content of the document and the contained signatures can be checked. This option can be selected at the time of uploading the document, as shown in the following screen:

public code

The code is linked to the document, so that it can be readen by the issuer, for hi to distribute it to everyone who wants access.


Another way to distribute the code is adding the URL to the content of the document, so that it is printed in the visible instance . Thus anyone who receives a copy of the document can verify the validity of the present digital signatures.

The following screenshot shows how to access introducing the code manually:

manual code input


Finally, to avoid the user having to type the entire URL, we offer the possibility to include it codified into a QR code. Thus, anyone with a smartphone, will be able to capture the code and access the document from the same mobile browser, or either forwarding the URL via email, to another device like a computer.

The following screenshot shows how QR's are created in the document:

QR code visualization