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I have problems with the access to the digital certificate


It is possible that you may have some problems with your environment and require some requirement to access to PortaSigma with a certificate. Next we will see how we can solve it by checking a series of important factors for the proper functioning of both PortaSigma and other web applications.

Java Installation

First of all you have to check the Java installation on the machine.
It will be checked with the official Oracle verifier that the Java version installed is the last one. For this you have to go to:
Additionally, you can verify and extract additional information in:

Security filters

Each browser has security filters that allow or deny access to web applications, both scripts and Java applets. If one of these filters is activated the safest thing is that the applet is loading the page indefinitely. To avoid this, we must do the following in the browser that we are using.
Internet Explorer:
In Tools → Internet Options, click on the security tab. If the activated filter is High or Customized, you have two options, set it to Medium-High level or customize the options by clicking on the Custom level button and enabling both Active scripting and Automation of Java applets.
Mozilla Firefox:
In Tools → Options, click on the Content tab, make sure that the "Activate Javascript" checkbox is checked.


Java has its own cache where it stores information like applets. This is not advisable since if some update of the applet is made it can be affected. If you open a browser and load an applet (eg go to portasigma, enter tab with certificate) you will see in the notification area the Java icon, right click on it and select "Open control panel", in the tab that appears by default (general), in the part of Temporary Internet Files click on the configuration button. In the window that opens you should uncheck the option of storing temporary internet files, in addition, delete the ones that you have to go by clicking on the delete files button.


System in the cloud → If you have recently installed a system in the Citrix style cloud, keep in mind that no matter how much you keep the certificates in your PC installed, you will not be able to use them in the new system given that they are not installed in it.