Discover why PortaSigma is the digital-signed documents management tool you need.

Digital signature technologies

PortaSigma supports diferent signature tecnologies. Each technology fits its appropiate scenarios.

Digital signature based on qualified certificates

A qualified certificate can only be obtained, when the subject's identity has been verified by a qualified third party, To get a qualified digital certificate, subjects must contact any of the trusted certificate suppliers in their country.

Digital certificates are supplied either in software or in hardware (crypto tokens o smart cards). Both options are available in PortaSigma.

This is the digital signature solution which provides more legal certainty, plus allows you to sign remotely.The downside is that it is only feasible when signers have a digital certificate, and we already know that can only be guaranteed  in certain scenarios.

Advanced digital signature based on One Time Passwords (OTP)

This technology doesn't require a digital certificate. Signer only needs an smartphone to complete a signature request. SMS is a strong authentication method, because it requires a registered owner. That's the reason why this is a usual technology in Home Banking. Because of the successfull usage of smartphones, this solution provides an excellent scope, and alllows remote signature.

Advanced biometric signature

This techology is based on the capture of the signers biometric attributes. Depending on the biometric technology, the attributes will be different. To capture the attributes, it requires specific devices, so it's a very appropiate technology to be used when the signature can be donde in person.

Simple digital signature

This technlogy can be used to send signature requests without additional authentication. It provides large scope and usability, but limited legal certainty. Anyway, may scenarios don't require such legal certainty, so this is an excellent choice.