Discover why PortaSigma is the digital-signed documents management tool you need.

PortaSigma benefits

Take advantage of all the benefits os digital signature using PortaSigma.

Save money

With digital signature, you won't need to send mail items, to get your customer's handwritten signatures. You won't either have to move to collect the documents.

Save time

PortaSigma allows distributing, reading and signing any document, completely online. Because of this, a process which used to take days, now can be completed in minutes.

Save on file storage needs

Printing signed documents is not necessary to keep them legal. To keep them digital makes having a physical storage space for papers unnecessary.

Keep environment safe

Paper consumption implies deforestation. This causes two effects: increased production of CO2, and decreased absorptive capacity. In short, more pollution.

Improve your service level

Allowing our customers to sign online, we are sparing them the need for moving, or spending an unnecessary time. In any case, improving their satisfaction level.


With the current state of technology, it is really easy to substitute legal handwritten signatures with fraudulent ones.

Improve control over our files

To sign paper documents means to keep a file of handwritten signed papers. With PortaSigma, all signed documents will be stored on a controlled environment, making it much easier to locate them when needed.